About Us

Our Great Story

From the beginning, Ventaja has always offered customers the very finest in quality and workmanship. After the best process that utilizes the latest technologies and several well-defined sewing operation go into a creation of a single unit garment.

Our in-house designers work closely to identify latest trends and generate trendy leather styles. They search the world to select and pick the latest articles, then bond with manufacturers to transform the leather into quality, affordable fashion for the international market.

Ventaja offers customers exceptional value in addition to exceptionable quality. We offer the most competitive prices and the best delivery schedules for the highest quality products.

Currently we are exporting leather garments to countries such as US, Canada and Europe and rest of the world, we specialize in Cow, Calf, lamb, buffalo and Goat articles. Also, we make leather jackets of EXOTIC LEATHERS such as Alligator/Crocodile, python, ostrich.

Our dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned Ventaja the appreciation of those who seek style with quality and value.

All of us, at Ventaja are proud of our reputation we have earned for the un compromised quality and industrial leadership. We are dedicated and have pride in our highly skilled and qualified management and staff.

We wish to be recognized for offering quality assurance and customer satisfaction.