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The company offers customers the very finest in quality & workmanship. We offer the most competitive prices and the best delivery schedules for the highest quality products.

Yes, we ship worldwide, please check our shipping rates in “shipping info” section for your country. We regularly ship single and bulk qunatity orders internationally, Our custmers are surprised by our low shipping rates by DHL or Fedex. The average wait of one jacket or trouser is 3 kg.

There isn’t any minimum order requirement when you buy from us. You could get only a single piece. Thus small retailers and wholesalers need not to invest a handsome amount of money in building the costly inventory. You could order a quantity as per requirement thus making your financial resources free from inventory stockpile. Our goal is to give you the best products and services while keeping our prices reasonable. Why should you have to pay for us to keep an inventory? You don’t!! Your order may take a few more days to arrive, but we promise to keep our costs as low as possible.

Ventaja would put into practice all kinds of customization work for you to turn your dreams into reality. So once you inform us about your ideas we will make your order to your satisfaction with very reasonable additional cost (if any).

Since the orders are shipped through DHL or FEDEX, you have the facility to get your order right at your door front, custom clearance etc. are not your headaches. You are to pay only for the import duty in your respective country. For this too, you would be given an invoice by DHL or FEDEX after clearance and delivery of goods for you to pay the duty. For USA & CANADA the import duty on import of Leather garments is 7% on invoice value of the garments. You could check from your custom department if you are in countries and territories other than USA.

We’re sorry, but we do not have a store, these prices are only offered to you through this web site.

For quality assurance you should check the “feedback” of our ebay customers, we have a “powerseller” status and that explains our quality.

For small orders we accept all Credit Cards through Paypal secured site, international money orders are also accepted, or amount could be wired in our account using the following procedure (bank details could be provided upon request). For large order we accept confirmed irrevocable letter of credit from your bank.

Our price structure has been designed in such a way that small retailers and wholesalers can enter in their respective markets very fast by getting the products from us at a charming price and curtailing the margins of the large importer’s which they have to pay when they buy these garments locally which would add their own profit margin.